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The Homeless Rich

From the honor of his status as a decorated US Army sergeant to the crushing shame of his court-martial for a crime he did not commit, John Wilson’s nightmare had only just begun with the trauma of his dishonorable discharge.

More of My Books


Abyss of Love

'Abyss of Love' takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions, from the discovery of true love to the hurricane of a woman scorned, from moments of bliss at the height of human intimacy...


Bridge of Comprehension

"I will NOT sit around and watch my people choking to death, crying to death, suffocating, and breaking out into hives because of a Syrian projectile..."


Change of Heart

'Change of Heart' takes the readers to an unsympathetic world of war and love, from the USA to Iraq and war-torn Afghanistan. In an era when terrorism spreads fears around the world...


United In Peril

It can happen at any place, at any time. In an era when religion often divides us and spawns terrorism, what could happen if we set our differences aside to fight terrorism?


About Me

In 1979, I traveled from Israel and landed in the United States of America. New York City is where I began to build a loving family while spearheading my businesses. As a loyal patriot to my homeland, Israel, I was troubled by the Israeli-Arab conflict that has gone on for many years in history, as blood from both sides has been shed unnecessarily. As a man that values the life of all people, I have found myself very passionate about writing a story that is very compelling and touching about both sides of the conflict in the Middle East. I believe that all the bloodshed will stop as soon as everyone realizes the truth about terror attacks and how they will never lead to peace. Willing to understand each other and above all, to value life, will bring both sides closer to peace.

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